Psychotherapy and Counselling

I work over short or long periods of time depending on what each person wants to do.

Some people want to make changes in their lives at a deep level and examine fundamental patterns. This kind of long term psychotherapy has a focus on finding a deeper understanding of life, our relationship with ourselves, our bodies, others and the world around us; It may involve examining past hurts, present difficulties, future hopes and the habits, beliefs or patterns underlying our way of being. There are no time limitations on this type of work; some people use therapy for a year, and some for many years. The focus of this type of work is on the depth of experience, relationship and understanding.

I also work with individuals for shorter periods of time to address more immediate concerns like a recent traumatic event, bereavement, problem at work etc. This type of shorter-term counselling is appropriate for people who are, generally, happy with their lives but have a pressing current problem to address.

I have twenty years experience working with a diverse adult client group.

I am accredited by UKAHPP and registered with UKCP as an Integrative psychotherapist. I describe myself as an Integrative body-oriented psychotherapist.

Sessions normally last for one hour.