I offer supervision and consultancy to individuals and groups. I have a particular interest in bringing together knowledge and thinking from different fields of thought to the process of integration. I use an embodied and relational framework to think about personal development ( my own, my clients and supervisees).

I hold a fundamentally humanistic stance in as much as I value self-determination, relational atunement, cooperative enquiry, the co-constructed relationship and deep democracy. I am influenced by ideas from Dialogic Gestalt, Process Work, Integral Psychology, Body Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis and Common Factors research. I  keep an open mind when considering theory.

I like to explore supervsion in an open and experimental way. I challenge supervisees to become more fully themselves in the work and to engage as deeply as possible with the therapeutic process and their own growth.

Supervision meetings can be playful as well as serious, structured as well as adventurous; I like the notion that every relationship is unique and co-constructed, always for the benefit of the client/ supervisee but with the full participation of the therapist/supervisor.

I work as a supervisor on the psychotherapy training at Minster Centre, for a charity, and in private practice.