My background

My first tutor was a student of Carl Rogers’ in the 50’s/60’s, and had interests in trauma, comparative religion, and civil rights. I liked his maverick, individual and playful way of being and these influences have stayed with me. I did several years of training at Queen’s University in Belfast, then at Roehampton Institute in London. I trained in supervision at Minster Centre and did various other trainings in Body Psychotherapy. My most substantial training has been the result of my work with clients over twenty years, the time spent in my own therapy and my supervision with several senior therapists. I have been supervised by senior body psychotherapists for the past ten years and my interest in placing embodiment at the centre of my practice is a result of these less formal trainings. I grew up on a farm in Northern Ireland and contact with nature and land continues to be of importance to me. I often work outdoors with clients and supervisees and this has become an important part of what I do.

I trained in Somatic trauma Therapy with Babette Rothschild, In Biodynamic Massage at the Chiron Centre and attended numerous other short trainings in the areas of body psychotherapy, process work and relational therapy.

I began my training twenty five years ago and, before that, worked as a teacher and lecturer in art and design.

I think of my approach as relational and embodied. I believe each of us has an innate drive to develop, grow and to seek trust, belonging, respect and fulfilment; that no single theory about life can describe our unique experience; that we are growing and changing all of the time and that worries, problems and mis-takes are a normal part of this process; that we are most fulfilled when in accepting relationship with ourselves, others and the environment around us; that conflict and tension are normal part of our lives: that there is no separation between body, mind and soul and that we are all inter-connected and part of a universal whole; that we share our being with other living creatures and a living planet.