I have a particular interest in what it means for us to feel culturally or socially different, and how we can find a sense of strength in the experience of difference. I have developed an interest in working with shame, sexuality, cultural identity and belonging for this reason. I value the diversity of the client group I work with and am curious to learn about our experience of difference, whether it is through culture, skin colour, language, disability, sexuality, gender, etc.. I work in an affirming way with minority experience, believing that we all share a deep desire to belong and to feel welcomed, as well as a need to simply be ourselves.

For me, an important part of therapy is the journey towards finding an inner home, becoming more comfortable in our own body and identity. This can be most important when we feel different in the dominant culture for whatever reason.

Deep democracy, for me, represents our capacity to embrace difference as a positive experience and one which brings us into closer contact with each other and into a deeper learning about ourselves and our environment.

We share the planet with other living beings, and I keep in mind that we are all parts of a large and diverse system: much of ourselves and the world around us unknown.